Silvana Cossu was born in Bosa, Sardinia in 1963 and she’s been living in the neighborhood of Cagliari since several years in a city where she teaches in a primary school.

She has participated in several competitions as a poet with appreciable results.
She published his first collection of poems “All’ombra di conchiglie” in January 2005.

In May 2012, she is the winner of the National Contest of Poetry “Versi per un Territorio” with the collection of poems “L’isola che c’è”, launched by “GBE/ Ginevra BentivoglioEditoria” with the sponsorship of the City of Rome.

She became a drawer “by chance” when Bianca is born in the fall of 2015.
“Bianca” protected by copyright in April of 2016.

During these last two years, about 30 panels are made, often combined by short texts in prose and poetry, and an unspecified number of cartoons as the “ Pensierini di Bianca” (Bianca’s little thoughts).

Bianca is a character with the features of a five-year-old girl, without anyphysical appearance.

She begins to get known through out Italy, printed on t-shirts and sweat-shirts and through the web in the website www.lafilosofiadibianca.com and the Facebook page
La filosofia di Bianca, and Instagram.

In the summer 2017 is born the new collection “ On the road” when Silvana Cossu used her own photos by including the character of Bianca.

In October 2017 the first two books are published by “STAMPA”of the rising book series, “ Bianca’s stories”.

She appears, in the same month, in two show of drawings (see the news page of the site), with the title “Bianca, the baby of dreams”.

A crowdfunding project will get started soon.

Translated by

Anna Piga